You will need
  • - user management the security system.
Refer to manual mode control of the car alarm, to understand the buttons and control the security system.
Remove the alarm from the protection mode by switching off the ignition when the door is open salon. Five times press the button of emergency stop system. The siren will give three audible chimes.
Nine times hit the emergency off button. This will cause a transition to program mode remotes, accompanied by nine sound signals.
Press any button on the transmitter selected for reprogramming. In this case the siren will give an audible signal that confirms the code entry. If you intend to program more than one transmitter, press the button for the second of them. The system will respond with two beeps. In the memory device can be entered up to four transmitters.
All of the action on the reprogramming of the security system need for twenty seconds. Through this time the system will exit programming mode will be indicated by three beeps and the same light.
Making changes to the work programme of the alarm, perform all actions within a single programming cycle, as when entering program mode the previous transmitter codes will be deleted from the device memory.
After reprogramming codes set the current time, year, month and date. Use of simultaneous and sequential clicking on buttons that control the clock setting. Exit the timer setting.
Reprogram alarm clock. It is set the same buttons as the timer. Once the installation is complete, press 1 and then the display will show ”Off”. Again press the same button confirming the choice. Exit the alarm setting.
If necessary, reprogram the timer of the Parking lot. Make sure you get it included at the time of transferring the system into protection mode. This will allow to know the exact time of Parking the vehicle, for example, if you use the services of paid Parking.