You will need
  • - napkin;
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - hotmelt.
Take a stick in hands and turn it over so that the back side was in front of you. Look on the stick a small rubber plug mounted in the device. It protects the body from various injuries.
Careful hand movement to remove it from your accessory. Immediately after this component you will see a small screw. Unscrew it with a regular Phillips screwdriver. Now the keychain is completely disassembled and you can see it "inside". On some other models instead of the plugs is a special icon with the small rings, which are fastened by screws. In this case, Unscrew it, disconnect the ring and remove the icon.
Carefully inspect the two boards inside. Sometimes to fix the problem, it is enough to solder them together. Be careful of them in circulation, as connections are very fragile.
Connect boards with each other and secure the result. To do this, handle the lateral surface melting. Apply it thin even layer and remove excess with a tissue.
With more severe damage will need to replace the quartz element. You can do this yourself, but best to contact competent professionals, who will fix the problems and answer all your questions.
At the end of the work with internal details keychain, carefully secure the housing in place, slowly insert the screw and fasten it back. Install the plug, carefully secure it, and check the keychain on his performance.