The easiest way to determine the model of the alarm on a keychain is the study of a specialized Internet website, which has pictures of trinkets of various alarm systems. Run your browser in the search engine "Yandex" or Google, enter the text. For example, "Photo keychain alarm". Click on the "Search" button. Page opens with the names of the sites, which are you are interested in photography. Database of images on such sites are replenished each day.
If you find a similar pendant on the picture, and it coincides with yours, so were you able to determine the model of the alarm according to the information available on the website. Many resources you can specify certain parameters for the search sort you are interested in the subject. For example, a led, LCD display, button layout.
Examine your keychain. If there is no Internet at hand, look on all sides the alarm. Often manufacturers specify the model and type number on the body of the keychain. In most cases, this is a small letter located on the sidewall. If this information is not specified, you can determine the model design. Special and unique design is the hallmark of many manufacturers. Large size and smooth, marble suggests that this model belongs to the alarm company Pharaon. Form of a keychain, similar to the silhouette of mongoose, indicates the manufacturer Mangoose. Firm Sirio Tank produces models similar to the turret, and the company Cobra key fobs, corresponding to the inflated hood of a snake.
Find out what model your alarm keychain, it is easier using the Internet. There you can see what functions and modes are available from your alarm system and how to enable them. Write the information found to no longer have such problems.