You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the certificate on registration of the machine;
  • - passport of the car;
  • receipt about payment of state duties and its copy;
  • - application for inspection of the car with the marks of the inspector of traffic police;
  • - state license plates.
Write in the prescribed form a statement in the name of the chief of police. Be sure to write your contact information: address, name, phone. Specify the brand of car that you wish to keep the old registration number and make of the car, which was listed as this number. Then sign and date.
Fill out the application in advance in order for you don't have to stand in long queues. If you want to remove the old machine account, you must attach a statement on maintaining its offer for a new car to the set of remaining documents.
Inform the employee of traffic police during registration of a new car that you have old rooms. Please note that your old numbers will be stored in the inspection not more than 30 days from the date of their withdrawal. If during this period you they will not be required, they will soon be destroyed, and you paid state fee are not refundable.
Bring the old rooms back in order. Their coating must be intact and without any damage. Letters and numbers on them must be readable and clearly visible. If your room is dented, scratched, in some places there are broken pieces, you will need to contact the office hibri and there to write a statement to restore the data plates. You will be given a document with which you specialized plant will make new rooms with the same letters and numbers. Check that you have received at the hands of the new plates comply with modern model.
Imagine the necessary documents for withdrawal of the car from the account to the Department of traffic police. For this you will need your passport, passport machine, the application with stamps to the inspector for inspection of the car, the registration certificate of the vehicle, original and copy of receipt for payment of registration fee and government license plates. And for setting the auto account you will need the following documents: passport, passport car, insurance policy, statement of marks of the inspector on the inspection machine, the account information.