Riding without numbers on the new car

Despite the fact that every vehicle should have its license plate, to drive the new car without transit marks and numbers is still possible. While you may be only a contract of purchase and sale, the vehicle registration document and insurance that can be issued, even without numbers.

New administrative regulations prescribing the registration of vehicles, which came into force in October 2013, no longer requires the issuance of transits on the car. According to this regulation, you must register the car at any traffic police within ten days, regardless of place of their residence.

If you are not able to register the vehicle in the allotted time, the inspector of traffic police who stopped you, may impose a fine for the offense in the amount of 500-800 rubles. In case of repeated violation the amount will be at least 5,000 rubles, or you will be deprived of the right of driving for a period up to 3 months.

Riding without numbers to a previously registered car

If your car has already been registered by all the rules, but at the moment of the state registration plates for a number of reasons missing (lost, stolen, on top of them posted a sign saying "just married", etc.), the inspector of traffic police has right to fine you under article 12.2 of the code of administrative offences for 5,000 rubles, or to send the case to the court of depriving you of control of funds for a period up to 3 months.

In the case of selling a car to another owner you need to ensure that timely register the vehicle myself in ten days. Otherwise, the vehicle will still follow you, and the fines can come in your name. In such a situation, you should immediately write the application in traffic police about the termination of registration of your car, attaching a copy of the contract of purchase and sale.

You can also write a statement to search in your old car. As practice shows, after such statements the unscrupulous new owner of the vehicle very quickly shows up asking to go with him to traffic and place the car on it, because without your participation it can not do.

Driving a car without insurance

Knowing about possible breaks to the timing of registration of the vehicle, some of the newly made drivers think that they can go some time without insurance too. However, without insurance to travel is strictly prohibited even leave the dealership without it.