Do I need to remove the auto-registration for sale

If you are going to sell your car, then starting in 2014, you do not need to remove it from the register and to transit facilities.

You need to conclude the contract of purchase and sale with the buyer, to assure him of a notary or a specialized company (currently, many insurance provide such services), after which the machine can be transferred to new owner.

You should keep:

- a copy of the vehicle registration;

- copy of contract of sale of the car;

- if possible, a photocopy of the passport of the buyer.

The new owner in addition to vehicle and keys should be transferred:

- agreement of purchase and sale in two instances (GIBBD and for the owner of the car);

- original passport of technical means;

- certificate of the vehicle;

- pass technical inspection, if available;

- license plates.

Many car owners who choose to sell the car without removing from the register, ask the question, what if the car is registered in one region, and the new owner wants to put it on record in another. Starting in 2014, the number plate can be maintained regardless of the place of registration of the car. Thus, to remove the car from the register when the sale need not even when you change regions.

Is it possible to leave the number plate itself

In accordance with the new regulations on registration of vehicles is not the owner changes the car, and the car owner. The car is stored all the documents except insurance and license plates, even with the re-registration of cars in another region. The old owner can retain your license plate by installing it on a new car. This should apply to the traffic police with the appropriate application.

Rooms can be maintained during the registration of a new customer or to replace on new.

How to put on the record machine, not removed from the register

If you are a buyer not removed from the registry of the car, you need to contact the traffic police within 10 days after conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale.

Need to write an application, to provide the traffic police vehicle registration document, insurance policy, contract of sale, proof of payment of the state fee. After inspecting the car and checking possible license plates car registration, not removed from the register.

How to sell a car without removing from the register, safe

To sell the car without removing from the register, the old owner is not necessary to pay accrued fines. It happens that the car is pledged or under arrest. Because of this, after the purchase, problems can occur with registration. To protect yourself, before purchasing a machine it is recommended to clarify this point, checking car. This can be done on the website of the traffic police.

Often it turns out that the seller suffers and the car, due to the fact that it is not removed from the register car registration on time is not put. To avoid problems, on the expiry of ten days after the sale, update the appropriate information in the traffic police. If the new owner is in no hurry to put the car on the account, you can initiate the disposal procedure, which will not allow then to use the car.

Thus, in 2014 the procedure of buying and selling cars much easier. To sell a car without a deregistration is possible in any region.