You will need
  • - The truck;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale (help-account);
  • - the passport.
Get in any case within 5 days of transit accommodation, if your machine is outside of the territory, which was extended activities of registration Department. Get at the location of your car signs "transit" in order to overtake the vehicle to the place of its registration. Upon receipt of such license plates in the document certifying the right to ownership of the car and the passport of the vehicle is marked "transit" and the specified serial numbers, the date of issuance and validity period, which is then certified by the signature of the officer issuing the signs and the seal of the Department.
Remember, to receive a transit of the rooms in the traffic police you will need the account information that you can take to the place of purchase of the machine. Issued to such rooms by using a plastic, metallic or paper substrate. The price is 1000 rubles for metal or plastic and 100 rubles for paper. As a rule, independently obtaining transit plates takes a whole day. The owner of the car can apply for them them in any branch of traffic police.
Get transit license plates directly when making a purchase of the machine. So, when you purchase a car at the car, in the showroom or in a thrift store you can get them if the sellers have a corresponding registration. For such rooms you have to pay extra, but you will be able to take a few hours, and you don't have to stand in line and fill out forms. You will need only the signature.
Be sure to sign the contract of purchase and sale when buying a car from a private person and don't forget it notarized. Turning to the authorities gbdd this document will confirm the legality of purchasing a car, you will be able to transit the rooms. Complete the Department application for the grant of license plates, and at the specified time you will be able to pick them up.