You will need
  • General power of attorney;
  • car
Of course, you can put the car on the accountusing power of attorney. However, the only limitation with this is that you can arrange a car you can only on the owner of the car. And the power of attorney simply helps you to do all this procedure without participation of the owner, who is entered in the passport of the vehicle (PTS). You don't even need to bring his passport, because all the necessary data spelled out in the form of a power of attorney.
However, it should be borne in mind that, according to employees of traffic police, the car on the account to supply a power of attorney can be, but then to leave it outside the site inspections impossible. This is due to the fact that the changed state registration number and some other parameters in the documents. Therefore, it is necessary again to renew the power of attorney already in the account ofom changed data. Here and recommend experienced owners in advance to obtain from the owner of the car, which in fact spelled out in the PTS, to the handwritten letter of attorney to control the vehicle. You will only need to register a new registration number in this temporary resolution, and you can safely go about their business.
Remember to put the car on accounting in the power of attorney have the same statutory deadlines. Namely, during the period of validity of a registration sign "transit" is about 30 days. Or within 5 days after certain circumstances, resulting in a change to registration data.
Consider the fact that the General power of attorney on the car can be decorated in several ways. Meet both handwritten and printed. Power of attorney must be certified by a notary. The only way you will be able to confirm the fact that you drive and own a car legally. If the attorney just handwritten, it means that you can only drive a vehicle. And, of course, is not certified power of attorney you car on account it is unlikely that someone will bet.