You will need
  • - PTS (the vehicle passport);
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - besegrade passport and your son.
To avoid problems with the filing of the Declaration received from the sale of Avto profit, will draw up a contract of donation. Close relatives - sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers in this case are exempt from tax. To make the document in writing. Sample download on the website
Me and my son go to the Department of street patrol of the district where the vehicle is registered. With a pick:

- the donation contract;

- ordinary passport;

- passport of the vehicle;

- a certificate of ownership for the car.
Write a statement of deregistration of the vehicle and register it in another name. You can also leave the old numbers by marking it in the application. The whole process of renewal takes place in one day.
To execute the contract of sale in that case, if the vehicle is in your possession more than three years. So you will avoid the need to make a tax deduction and submit the Declaration. To download a sample document: In addition, you must complete and sign the act of acceptance-transfer of the vehicle. It is an integral part of the contract. There are specified characteristics of the car - its make, year, color, etc. Issue these securities specifically authorized organizations, a list of which for each district can be found on the stand in the traffic police.
The further procedure is the same as in the contract on donation of the vehicle. Me and my son go to the police with the necessary documents and write a statement of withdrawal and production of the vehicle registration.
In addition, the son can execute the power of attorney. However, in this case, the owner leaves you. And the son gets the right to drive a vehicle, repair it, etc. To sdelat write a simple written document and enter relative in the certificate of mandatory car state insurance (CTP).