Advice 1: How to get transit plates

When you purchase a car the buyer has the right to transit the city, and in the time frames should be exchanged for regular registration plates. The law provides that when buying a car, you must register it within 5 days. In the case of obtaining transit plates, put the car on the account within 20 days. Since 2010, the fine for late registration increased from 300 to 800 R.
How to get transit plates
You will need
  • Passport, the title to the vehicle, the contract of sale or bill of sale.
According to the order № 1001 of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in cases when an unregistered vehicle is outside the territory covered by the activities of registration division in his registration, the owner or the vehicle owner is obliged within 5 days to in the registration Department at the location of vehicle registration marks "transit" for ferrying the vehicle to the place of registration. When issuing the registration signs "transit" in the document certifying the right of ownership of the vehicle, and the vehicle registration document is marked "transit" indicating the series, number, date of issue and validity of signs, which shall be signed by the official having issued these signs, and printing.
The basic document for obtaining transit plates in the traffic police is to help account, which can be obtained at the place of purchase of the machine. The traffic police authorities give transit plates using a metal, a plastic or paper base. The cost of obtaining metal or plastic offer is 1000R, paper – $ 100. Experience shows that independently obtaining transit plates, the traffic police can take all day. The owner has the right to apply to any of any Department of traffic police.
When you purchase a car in the showroom, the car market or in a thrift store that has appropriate registration, temporary license plates can be issued directly at the place of purchase. This may be done separately.
When you purchase a car from a private entity, be sure to execute the contract of sale with notarized. When receiving transit numbers he will be the main document certifying the legality of purchasing a car.
If the period of validity of transit numbers are close to expiration, and the car got to the site of the proposed permanent registration, it is necessary to exchange transit license plates to the new one. Exchange procedure similar to the procedure for obtaining them.
Getting a transit hotel in the store, in the cabin or on the market, you should pay attention to their validity. The car with transit numbers frequently checked by the traffic police.
Useful advice
When planning a long trip, it is recommended to get a metal or plastic transit license plates.

Advice 2: How to get help-account

At the present time to arrange the sale of the vehicle by signing a notarized contract of sale or receipt of inquiries-accounts. Bill of sale is a document of strict accountability, which has its own number and series, micro-printed protective watermark. In this regard, it is more secure and it apply for you can only the organizations which have passed obligatory certification in STSI. Also the advantage of reference-the account is that with her at the same time you get the sign "Transit", which will be issued separately in case of the contract of sale.
How to get help-account
Contact the trucking company or law firm that has the right to issue certificates-the accounts. Consult with experts in the procedure and get the list of documents that you will need to provide.
Be sure to ask for the document confirming the certification of the traffic police, to avoid fraud. Remember that, on 30 July 2009 a decree was adopted according to which the discontinuation of the forms of inquiries-accounts. In this regard, many companies, they were in stock. Check this point from the employee.
Agree with the car salesman about the time of the transaction of purchase and sale, and agree with the employees of the chosen company. Inform the seller that you want to issue the invoice statement, so he will have to remove the vehicle from the register.
Collect the documents for help-account: the passport of the vehicle with the mark of the traffic police that the car struck off the register for future sales (MENA, donation, etc.); transit accommodation if they have previously processed; and also the passport of the buyer and the seller. If one of the parties is a legal entity, there must be a contract of mandate and power of attorney for the representative of the enterprise on the right of purchase or sale of the vehicle.
Report the seller to the company issuing the invoice statement. Your name will be written this document, indicating the cost of the vehicle specified at the time of sale. Payment services companies and accrued income from sale.
Get help-account and the sign "Transit". Merchant must also make a backup of this document, which must be kept in the archive for several years. In case of loss of original certificate-account, you can always contact this company for recovery.

Advice 3: How to apply for a transit hotel

When buying a car the buyer has the right to obtain transit plates, which must be exchanged at intervals in the permanent. Law of the Russian Federation it is provided that when you purchase a car you must register it within 5 days. And after obtaining transit plates, you need to put the car on the account within a further 20 days.
How to apply for a transit hotel
You will need
  • - The truck;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale (help-account);
  • - the passport.
Get in any case within 5 days of transit accommodation, if your machine is outside of the territory, which was extended activities of registration Department. Get at the location of your car signs "transit" in order to overtake the vehicle to the place of its registration. Upon receipt of such license plates in the document certifying the right to ownership of the car and the passport of the vehicle is marked "transit" and the specified serial numbers, the date of issuance and validity period, which is then certified by the signature of the officer issuing the signs and the seal of the Department.
Remember, to receive a transit of the rooms in the traffic police you will need the account information that you can take to the place of purchase of the machine. Issued to such rooms by using a plastic, metallic or paper substrate. The price is 1000 rubles for metal or plastic and 100 rubles for paper. As a rule, independently obtaining transit plates takes a whole day. The owner of the car can apply for them them in any branch of traffic police.
Get transit license plates directly when making a purchase of the machine. So, when you purchase a car at the car, in the showroom or in a thrift store you can get them if the sellers have a corresponding registration. For such rooms you have to pay extra, but you will be able to take a few hours, and you don't have to stand in line and fill out forms. You will need only the signature.
Be sure to sign the contract of purchase and sale when buying a car from a private person and don't forget it notarized. Turning to the authorities gbdd this document will confirm the legality of purchasing a car, you will be able to transit the rooms. Complete the Department application for the grant of license plates, and at the specified time you will be able to pick them up.

Advice 4: How to obtain transit insurance

Transit insurance – short-term contract of third party liability insurance. The policy in this case is issued a maximum of 20 days, and at the expiration of this period must be replaced. In the period of its validity in transit insurance provides the vehicle owner the same conditions, which implies a common policy.
How to obtain transit insurance

Features transit insurance

The main feature of transit insurance is the term of the policy. In accordance with the applicable legislation, buying a car, you need to put it on the record not later than 20 days from the date of conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale. Transit insurance has a similar duration.
By law, the owner of the purchased vehicle can not show the police the insurance policy, if the date of conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale in less than 5 days.

If the owner of the vehicle put the car on the account previously specified in the policy date, he is entitled to a recalculation of the premium by the insurance company or transfer the remaining amount to the payment for a new insurance policy. Transit policy can be issued for a period of from 5 to 20 days.

Where to obtain transit insurance

Transit insurance policy to write all companies carrying out compulsory insurance of vehicle owners ' civil liability. For the execution of a document you will need a passport, DMV, driving licence of all drivers admitted to driving the vehicle. In the "vehicle registration number" fit transit numbers. Pass technical inspection of the vehicle for transit insurance is not required.
Particularly relevant transit insurance in situations where the car is purchased in one city, and on the account put in another. Without a policy to overtake the vehicle risky. When stopped by the police you could be fined.

To obtain a temporary policy for agents, which operate 24 hours a day. However, in this case it is better to use the services of the proven consultants. You may at any time before the purchase of the car to contact the insurance company and get the contact information of the agent who can meet you at any convenient time.

To conclude a contract of insurance, and with insurance brokers. In such organizations, the agents usually work for several insurance companies. When making a transit insurance you can choose the insurer, or to listen to the opinion of a specialist.

Most insurance companies have their own websites on the Internet which contains not only information about the activities of the organization, but also provides additional services. For example, the call agent on a house or a preliminary calculation of the tariff. You can pre-calculate the cost of transit insurance and to meet with the agent at the specified time.
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