If you and your wife bought the car, then this is your joint property. But the car is an indivisible thing. This means that in the divorce the car will remain one of the spouses (with the consent and in the absence of consent, will determine the court), which will be required to pay the other spouse half the cost. Accordingly, since the cars are indivisible property, upon registration in the traffic police as the owner (owner) of the vehicle registration certificate can be specified only by one person.
In life may also occur such situation when it is better to re-register the car to his wife. For example, the wife belongs to the category of citizens who are granted exemption of transport tax. If the car is to register on the wife, it will reduce or not pay the transport tax. But if you are in arrears for any mandatory payments or credit, which may be collected from you through the courts, bailiff, having writ, first impose a lien on the car. Of course, if the car is acquired during the marriage, half the cost was for your wife will return after the sale of the car from the auction, but it is unlikely to greatly you feel any better.
To re-register a car for the wife , make a deed of gift. Many advisers the old-fashioned way is recommended to execute the contract of sale. Don't listen to them – this deal will most likely cause suspicion: silly wife to buy something from the other spouse. Moreover, since 2006, real estate and vehicles received as gifts from family members and close relatives, are not taxed on the income.
In the contract, specify their spouse surnames, names and patronymics, passport data, place of residence, car model, year of manufacture, engine number and chassis state room.
Subsequently, a statement of withdrawal of a vehicle from the register, passport, receipt for payment of registration fee, donation contract, the vehicle passport (PTS) and certificate of registration please contact the registration division of traffic police.
After removing the car from the account already, your wife needs to apply for registration of the vehicle and the same set of documents. The car will register your wife, and from that moment she will be his owner.