You will need
  • - your national passport;
  • the statement marks the traffic police inspector on the inspection machine;
  • - passport of the car;
  • - the certificate on registration of the machine;
  • - receipt for payment of registration fee and its copy;
  • - state license plates.
Write a statement in the prescribed form to the chief of local traffic police. Enter your contact information: name, address, phone numbers. Contact brand of vehicle for which you want to save the registration number and make of the car, which was listed as this number. Sign and date the application.
Fill out the application in advance to avoid the long line to the place of delivery of documents for the deregistration. If you withdraw from the account an old car, must attach a statement to save you room to set the rest of the documents required for deregistration of the vehicle.
Will notify when registering a new vehicle that you already have roomsthat are yours and are "stored". Please note, rooms in the inspection are stored not more than 30 days. If your room is at the end of this period you will not be popular, they will be destroyed, and state fee you will not be refunded.
Give old rooms in perfect condition. Coating roomx should be intact and whole, the numbers and letters must be clearly visible and readable. If your room for some reason dented, scratched and in some places chipped, ie not suitable under the conditions of installing them on another car, you need to come to the office GIBBD, where you will be able to write an application for the restoration of the rooms. You will be given a document, based on which you will be able to a specialized plant to manufacture brand new license plates with the same letters, numerals and the region. The rooms should be of modern design.
Please provide the following documents to remove the machine from the register: your passport, a statement marks the traffic police inspector for inspection of the car, the vehicle passport, the certificate on car registration, receipt of payment of registration fee and a copy of the state license plates.
Gather your documents for setting vehicle registration: your passport, a statement marks the traffic police inspector for inspection of the car, passport car insurance policy, a certificate account.