Make written notification of the employee about the upcoming changes to the working conditions (not less than 2 months of the employee's deal). Reflect in notification objective causes of changes in working conditions and what changes in conditions will have (in your case - the new system of remuneration). Put in the notice, with a number introduced a new remuneration system.

Specify in the notification that if the employee does not agree with the upcoming changes, the employment contract with him may be terminated. The worker must write to Express their agreement or disagreement with the upcoming changes. Let him write in the notice: "changes in working conditions agree" or "changes in working conditions do not agree," put down the number and his signature.
Give an order for the company about the cancellation of the previous and the new wage system. In the order you should reflect in connection with any changes introduced a new system of remuneration, to approve the amendments to the regulations on remuneration concerning piece rates. Make the application to the order (statement of amendments to the regulations on remuneration, which will be spelled out piece-rates for work performed). Become familiar with the order and its Annex, the employee transferred on the deal. The worker should know how and what he will get paid.
Prepare a supplemental agreement to the employment contract of the employee, which States the new remuneration system (if the employee agrees with the transfer for the transaction). A supplemental agreement shall be dated the date on which the introduced piece-rate pay. After 2 months from the date of notification of the employee, sign the agreement with the employee and give him the second copy of the document. With this number, his work will be paid at the approved piece-rates.
Compose and send the employee a written offer for a new job if he refused to work under the new remuneration system. Invite the employee to available vacant positions in the company based on its qualifications and state of health. The employee must write to Express their agreement or disagreement on the translation. If a worker refused to transfer to another position, you have the right to dismiss him at the expiration of 2 months from the day of familiarization with the notice of entry of piecework payment according to paragraph 7 of article 71 ( in connection with the refusal of the employee from further work in connection with the change of certain parties working conditions). Severance pay to the employee compensation in the amount of fortnight average earnings.