As a rule, if the company has their drivers decorated under labor contracts, the remuneration is based accordingly to common practice: salary, opportunity award, paid sick leave, issuing of accountable money on fuel. Obviously, the unscrupulous approach to work, this practice is too expensive. Therefore, many companies are switching to what in business is called outsourcing. But if simply, is hiring drivers with their cars.
There are three most common ways to calculate the salary of the driver-a mercenary:
• Mileage;
• By the time;
• Fixed rate.Mileage – indicator that binds a payment most often. Every kilometer of the route is multiplied by a fixed rate, for example, 10 rubles. The result is the sum of one trip.
In other situations it is more convenient to calculate the salary of the driver at the time worked. This method is useful for small mileage. Often it is used when transportation within a single city or area. Every hour of time is also multiplied by a fixed rate.
In the case where long-established routes, drivers operate in good faith and are not interested to prolong the journey time, resorted to the establishment of fixed rates for the full route. This method to calculate the salary of the driver similar to work for a wage. However, as a rule, uniform rates determined on the basis of the above two approaches. Fixed rates are used in international cargo transportation by hired vehicles.