Each of Krasnodar at least once a year, the question arises: how to celebrate the day of birth in his hometown? I want it to be impressive and inexpensive to make guests admired, and the birthday was nice, so the preparation took quite some time, and that in the day of the birthday friends and family fell asleep from boredom. Here are a few ways to celebrate, choose.
Day of birth in a family atmosphere. No, it doesn't mean that you two days without rest will have to cook different dishes and to think over the script of the holiday. Who said that the home atmosphere can only be at home? Remove the cozy cottage, the cottage is close to Krasnodar, for example, the Club of countryside, in the village of Seversk, hire staff and relax at your leisure.
Everyone understands the desire of the birthday boy to please them, to do something to remember this day of birth for a long time. Order your any unusual dish, pick up an original table setting, consider the musical accompaniment of the holiday, prepare contests and games. And even then all the guests will have fun.
Restaurant or cafe – the best option for a child who has a dayguy, do not like to accept guests at home and this out. When choosing institutions please note these criteria: how convenient is a restaurant or cafe, just to get there, there is good cooking, there is music. For example, in the center of Krasnodar is a restaurant the Old town. The kitchen is great and the atmosphere is pleasant.
Advance institution, discuss the menu, date of event, approximate number of people, the design of the room and other important points. For the youth of a decent place for the celebration of the day of birth can be a pizzeria, for example, "the fire pizza" or "Uni-pizza". Inexpensive and pleasant.
Your choice - day of birth in the fresh air? Great! A picnic perfect for a summer day of birth. A scenic view of the surrounding nature will be a great decor for your holiday, and gourmet meals cooked over a campfire or on the grill, adds flavor to the feast in honor of the birthday.
You and your friends are attracted to the lights of night clubs and music? Then, perhaps, a matter of choice of venue for the day of birth you have resolved by itself. Especially in Krasnodar many night clubs. It remains only to choose which of them you go: "Nautilus", "Win", "Digger" or "Rooms". Sleep well before the night festivities to look your best (of course, percent, not years). Of course, the DJ will tell the whole audience about your day of birth, and then the whole crowd will congratulate you on your birthday. This is an achievement!