If your birthday you are going to celebrate in the noisy company, Rostov-on-don offers some great places for a fun meal. This, for example, a well-known restaurant "Tamada", is famous for its cuisine and atmosphere, decorated in Oriental style. You can also visit the "Gostiny Dvor" - a great restaurant, perfectly suitable for large companies. It offers entertainment center "Temernitskiy", which includes a restaurant and an outdoor pool, and other places for relaxation and recreation.
If you prefer a day of holiday to escape from city life and retire with a loved one, you can help entertainment complex called "Cossack quay". The guests are offered one and two bedroom cottages, decorated in the Cossack style. The complex has a restaurant, Banquet hall, summer outdoor area on the Bank of the great don, Playground for kids, pond with possibility of fishing. The rest will cost is not very expensive and will leave wonderful memories.
Birthday – a good excuse to walk in the native city and to admire its attractions. The morning gather friends and go to visit the Museum of Russian-Armenian friendship Surb-Khach Museum Kosmonavtiki, the railway Museum or the Zoo. After all, in our everyday life people often forget how beautiful and interesting the city they live in.
If you love to be outdoors, your party is sure to visit the promenade, where you can admire the monument to the Rostovite and Grandfather Shchukar. On the waterfront there are places to walk, where to eat, and even have the opportunity to take a trip on the boat. Birthday – another reason to take a fresh look at the world around us, and hometown. Because there are so many beautiful places you should visit.