Invite guests to the apartment or the cottage, so you will avoid the costs associated with the lease of restaurant or café.
Plan a festive menu. If you are celebrating a birthday in the country, the best option is kebabs and fresh vegetables. The house is perfect pickles, roast meat, potatoes in any form. If among your relatives there are fans to do homework, ask them to allocate for the event several jars of pickles, tomatoes, mushrooms and pepper.
Consider where to buy foods and drinks. Because alcohol is the main expense of any holiday, then visit the retail stores, this will save up to 40% of the cost. Find out if there are any shops in the city stock when you can buy two products for the price of one. With regard to the purchase of meat and delicacies, choose a reliable manufacturer that the celebration is not over in the infectious disease Department. Find out beforehand who invited adheres to vegetarianism to not buy extra.
Prepare basic meals. For example, it is not necessary to order a pizza house, it can be prepared and not very experienced in cooking, people, and savings of up to 60%. If you do not have the skills of cooking, attract someone from friends.
Decorate the room with what you have. You can hang on the walls of your collection of fan scarves or dotting on the shelves of containers with wildflowers. If you wish, you can buy balloons, they are not so expensive.
If you wish to celebrate a birthday in a café, study offer various coupon sites. You may be able to find a suitable institution, offering a substantial discount, the savings in respect of such share can be up to 70%. It is important, however, to clarify, what number of guests can be catered for coupon to apply discount on alcoholic beverages, and the hours can take advantage of the offer.