Advice 1: How to celebrate the 17th anniversary

17 years is the age when you can afford a little recklessness. Ahead of the adulthood, student life and first job. To celebrate his 17th birthday I want something special to usher in a new life with positivity.
How to celebrate the 17th anniversary
At the age of 17 already do not want to sit at the table in a circle of relatives, to listen to wishes and farewell behave. You want fun, partying with friends, bright emotions. But the imagination sometimes brings, and to come up with something interesting can be very difficult.

If the budget is not limited

If you are lucky and you are on a tight budget, you can rent a cottage in the country for the whole company. A festive meal, dancing, games and competitions – all under one roof. You can hire a professional moderator, and you can ask parents to help with the organization. Plus of this variant – no need to think about how to get home late in the evening. Just stay there, and in the morning you remember and share experiences. Not to travel outside the city, you can rent a bowling alley, a cafe or a sauna, it all depends on your preferences.

You want something unusual? Throw a party in the water Park. The holiday will be bright and cheerful, and impressions will last until the next birthday. In the process, no one was hurt, do not take too much alcohol.

Option for couples to celebrate a birthday in a romantic setting alone with your loved one. This can be a cafe or even a Spa. Want adrenaline? Play with up to race in the kart club.

If the budget is tight

If means quite a bit, and you want fun in a big company, ask friends instead of gifts to pay for itself in the same cafe.

Birthday in the summer just a sin not to mention nature. Buy all for a celebratory barbecue, and drinks everyone would bring himself.

Wear the most beautiful outfit will buy a lot of balloons and go with friends to walk around the city. Don't forget to grab the camera and arrange a photo shoot.

Your friends and acquaintances will support any creative idea? Organize a flashmob in the city centre. You can do anything – dance, sing, stand on a place. And in the end to deploy large poster-greeting or release balloons into the sky.

Some people, to be happy, to do something nice for others. Enjoy a day of good deeds and a smile on the face 17 do nice things for their family, friends and even bystanders. In response you will hear many expressions of thanks, praise and compliments, which will definitely enhance the mood.

It happens that the plans fall through, or does not work to implement, and in the end you still remain with their parents at home. Do not worry! Birthday in the family can also be fun, the main thing – a correct spirit.

Advice 2 : How to celebrate 18th birthday

Birthday always thinking how to celebrate the holiday, so guests do not get bored, and the birthday boy was happy. Special date in life of each person 18 years - the boundary between childhood and adulthood. Why your age want to celebrate particularly. On the birthday celebration, you can spend a tidy sum and to spend the day pretty boring and pathetic, and you can arrange a Grand fireworks display impressions, observing the planned budget. The options for celebrating 18th birthday for every budget discussed later.
How to celebrate 18th birthday
You will need
  • contests, outdoor games, balls, money
18 tomadachi, flat, house this option involves the celebration of the 18th anniversary at home and in familiar surroundings. The main advantage of this option is complete freedom of action. In the morning you can decorate the apartment with colourful balloons, to make a collage of baby pictures of the birthday boy and his friends to hang newspaper, which invited guests to leave their greeting. Swedish home table will allow in the atmosphere to try a variety of snacks and light meals under the original and hilarious toast. In entertainment, you can be innovative with ideas and to come up with interesting competitions. A great occasion for fun play Twister karaoke. Twister – the mobile game for the whole company, which tests participants to the flexibility, plasticity and the ability to find a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation, which generates roulette. In the evening you can arrange an impromptu disco to include favourite hits, and to try himself as a DJ.Advantage: there is no part in the celebration, comfortable atmosphere, small costs.
Disadvantage: the event risks turning into a boring, drawn-out evening.
The price of the event: holiday treats – 5 000 RUB., the game Twister - 900 RUB., decoration home furnishing – 200 RUB.
18 years in the entertainment centralvac, bowling, billiard room. There is no need to think about entertaining guests and this is a definite plus. Water slides, water Park, gambling and competition knocking down pins at the bowling alley, accurate shots in Billiards will deliver a lot of fun with friends. The only limit is "time is money". The more time you will enjoy the games, the more you will have to pay. By the way, the important point – a festive lunch. In the malls of this nature, the menu is not especially rich, hearty and delicious treat, and the appetite comes during the game.Advantage gambling experience.
Drawback: guests may have to remain hungry.
The price of the event: rental of Park per hour per person – 400 RUB, a treat per person from 700 RUB.
18 years in limuziniai, jeep, coach. To make the birthday truly Royal style will help organized trip to transport the VIP. Best time of day for a road trip – evening. The glowing lights of the city from the Windows of the limousine will allow you to enjoy the serene atmosphere of the evening and feel like a real star.Advantage: an unforgettable experience.
Drawback: guests may have to remain hungry, overwork in the car.
The price of activities: limousine rental per hour – 3000 RUB., decoration of limo – 1000 rubles, snacks – 2000 RUB.
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