You will need
  • Photographer, senior, Bicycle, tickets to amusement Park rides, balloons, fireworks, sky lanterns, party hat, candle, cake.
If you decided to celebrate your birthday traditionally have a dinner with cake and candles for yourself, your friends and loved ones at home or in the restaurant. The last option will help you preparing for the event, because then you don't have to cook the food. Be sure to think of fun contests. They can be relegated to a specially invited presenter or come up and hold his own.
You can arrange in your birthday costume party. In advance think of the theme and notify the guests to come to your party in appropriate costumes. This can be a retro party, Hawaiian disco, sea party, party rock, in the style of the wild West, pajama party, etc. in the Summer you can arrange a beach disco, or relax with friends in nature.
If you want to relive childhood memories, organize its 20th anniversary in the circus, the zoo, amusement Park, arcade, etc. Let the holiday be sure to be characters from your favorite cartoons or clowns. Treat your friends ice cream, cotton candy and sweets.
If you like active rest, organize yourself and friends camping water Park, bowling or take a bike ride. Invite guests to a skating rink, a horse or a boat ride, play paintball. Or arrange a joint fishing, the conclusion of which you and your friends will enjoy a dinner prepared from your own catch. You can arrange adventure game for yourself and friends. If you like "party," check your party in a nightclub.
If you like extreme, make the day of his birth what he dreamed about. For example, fly with an instructor on a paraglider, will descend to the seabed and so If you have the ability to invite friends to witness your brave act. Or arrange your exciting holiday on the roof of the house. If you decide to mark the 20th anniversary in a narrow circle, unusual and memorable for you can be a flight in a balloon or airplane.
A mandatory attribute of your holiday should be fun caps, balloons, a cake with twenty lighted candles. Wherever you organise your celebration, start the evening or at night the sky sky lanterns. This is a very beautiful sight. Don't forget to invite the birthday of a professional photographer. May he make beautiful pictures of your anniversary. With it you can organize an unusual photo shoot for yourself and your friends.