Where to go to relax in the big city? It all depends on your age, preferences, company and cash (or Bank) funds.If you are young and wish to spend time bright features in the city's many Nightclubs for all tastes. From the oldest – for example, Joy, where the New Year traditionally meet in June and July, to the newest and most stylish type of Shakti in the street Dzerzhinsky. The city has about four dozens of night clubs, so everyone will find a school for the soul and the pocket.However, fans of more classic vremyapreprovozhdeniya won't be disappointed. In Krasnodar a huge number of bars, restaurants and cafes to any taste. To gather with friends to drink and at the same time to train the vocal cords can be in one of the 20 karaoke clubs of the city, and eat something exotic – sushi-bar, Chinese restaurant, Oriental restaurant or Italian café. The city has a huge number of places to the most demanding public, and without special claims. By the way, when it comes to Krasnodar cafes and restaurants, it should be noted that the expression "for every taste" can be understood literally. Here you can find not only the institutions which feed the visitors traditional Russian, European, Ukrainian, Asian, Caucasian, Oriental food, but also restaurants serving Lebanese, Turkish, Romanian, French and Hungarian cuisines. Well, if is going to meet with friend, friend and just want to chat in a cozy atmosphere, drink coffee, tea or a cocktail, eat a delicious cake? In Krasnodar there is a huge number of coffee shops, where you can spend time literally on the run in a lunch break or on the way from one end of town to another. For a family holiday, the city has several shopping centers, "SBS", "city", "Gallery", "Europe", "Red Square" and others. They are all arranged in exactly the same way as in other European cities: cinema halls with modern facilities, playgrounds, skating rink, a huge number of cafes and restaurants, slot machines and, of course, the extreme variety of shops. However, there are less traditional ways of spending leisure time. In the summer you can take the whole family to the largest in the South Safari Park "Sunny Island". Here, on the territory of several kilometers in spacious enclosures live monkeys, zebras, ostriches, reptiles, kangaroos, lemurs, tigers, Panther, Japanese cranes, eagles, pheasants, yaks, black swans and many other animals. Children will have fun every day in the Park hosted shows featuring trained marine animals. In Krasnodar often hosts tours of the visiting stars. Here the choice is really large: the visiting circus team, the stars of Russian and foreign singers, theater groups love to visit in the South and friendly city. However, among groups of local theaters also have a lot of professionals. Krasnodar is famous for its exhibitions. Lovers to spend time with benefits not only for the body but for the mind will find an interesting trip to the Museum named Felicia, Art Museum named after Kovalenko, the Literary Museum and others. In addition to the permanent exhibitions there are often exhibitions of visiting artists. In Krasnodar is the largest in the South of Russia exhibition center "KrasnodarEXPO". Here all the year round arranged special exhibitions of the products of various companies, conferences and seminars. This is where you can meet potential business partners, to get acquainted with the achievements of the tourism and other businesses, taste new products of local producers and the like.Well, if you are a sports fan, in Krasnodar you will not be bored. In addition, the city has modern stadiums and sports centres, where competitions are held regularly with local and visiting teams. Krasnodar – really cozy place. Despite its size, it still remains something peculiar to pretty provincial towns. And this kindness, sincerity, freshness and a little naive here lays its imprint on everything. Here you can live, work, spend leisure time and engage in your favorite hobby. And people in Krasnodar is good.