Budget options

First of all, assess your financial capabilities and figure out how much money you have per guest. Based on this, you can plan the venue and what you can do.

In the absence of money offer a European version of the festive party, when everyone pays for itself. It is quite appropriate and convenient, because often a person does not know what to give hero of the occasion, and buy unnecessary things.

Keep in mind that holiday homes are much cheaper than anywhere else. In summer you can go camping. An interesting idea can become a city game quest with different tasks – this option is great for a large company.

Ideas for celebrating birthday

Now very popular holidays are spent outside the home, for example, in a restaurant, cafe or bar. This is convenient, but quite expensive. If you want to arrange a holiday on a day off, then it is better to book a table in advance to avoid waiting at the entrance.

Summer is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday would be a trip to a barbecue or to go with the whole company in the amusement Park. You can ride the rides, eat cotton candy and boiled corn. In winter it is also possible to arrange a holiday under the open sky. For example, in the country it is possible to prepare barbecue, skiing, sledge, play snowballs or make a snowman. Good for birthday can become a skating rink. Usually it is here that people remember the happy moments of childhood. After day you treat friends hot tea, chocolate or mulled wine.

Huge popularity of bowling and Billiards. In these games, perfectly demonstrates team spirit, you can arrange a team competition. Be sure to order drinks and food.

You can arrange at home theme party. For example, it can be vegetarian, medieval, dedicated to the ninetieth years or table games.

You can invite guests for the evening watching an interesting film. Pick a good movie, make some popcorn and drinks and arrange a home show. You can even prepare a quiz with questions on the film and to hand out prizes to the most attentive.

In the presence of financial possibilities, you can rent disco limo or bus. These parties are very popular in major cities. You are renting a car for a few hours, you arrange a tour of the main sights and you can have fun. In the rent often includes services of a professional photographer.