You will need
  • - guest list;
  • - phone numbers and addresses of Nightclubs;
  • - money.
Make at least a rough guest list to determine their number. At this stage we can tentatively call friends and find out if everybody can attend. Maybe someone of them is going to leave or will be busy this day.
Select a night club, in which to note day of birth. In this case, consider the atmosphere of the institution, scheduled theme parties, menus. If you haven't been to this club, read online reviews about it or visit it.
Pre-book your table. In most clubs it can be ordered over the phone, but it is better to personally visit the club. To order a table you will need to know the exact date and number of anticipated guests. When choosing dates, keep in mind that some of your guests may be uncomfortable to go to a nightclub in the middle of the week. In addition, ask the administrator whether there was any in this day any theme party and ask whether guests have to pay separately for entrance to the club. When booking a table you likely will have to pay in advance.
We will discuss in detail with the Manager or the chef menu. As a rule, clubs are not allow to bring any food or alcohol, so you have to choose from the available dishes. If you don't know the culinary preferences of your guests prefer neutral European cuisine. Often when booking a table you simply get a loan for a certain amount of available food and drinks, in this case, each of your guests can choose what his taste.
To reserve a table in the club, get invited. You can do this both in person and on the phone or sending out invitations. Don't forget to specify where and at what time you plan to meet.
In the day of the occasion in any case, don't be late and keep the festive mood. You can meet guests directly at the entrance to the club, and in any other place. In addition, if you plan to dance and didn't order in advance, before you go to a nightclub sit in a café or bar. Intending to leave the night club, don't forget to finally pay for meals and drinks.