You will need
  • phone 1;
  • - pen and paper 2;
Make a list of places where you would like to celebrate a birthday. Notice how comfortable will your guests get in a cafe. It is desirable that the institution was located in an area with developed transport infrastructure.
Explore the menus offered in different cafes. Do not get involved in exotic. To check whether in a cafe, a cultural program, will it be possible to organize the dance. If you are in some institution was never read reviews about it, ask the opinion of friends about the reputation of the institution.
Contact each dining, club or restaurant listed in your preliminary list. Very often in the cafe for the day of birth has different promotions, discount coupons and special price offers for group visits, which will help you to have fun without much damage to the wallet. Also, many schools offer a special menu designed for corporate events and celebrations. This menu includes a particularly delicious, beautifully presented dishes and suitable wine list.
Phoning cafes and restaurants, try and find out if the selected school to arrange entertainment. Many cafes will offer you a scenario leading and even fun competitions which will enliven the holiday atmosphere. If the café entertainment is not provided, then be sure to come up with simple contests. For example "Who knows the birthday boy". For this contest you need to prepare a list of humorous questions: "What color are the eyes of the birthday boy?", "What is he wearing?", "What color does he like?" For correct answers, the guests will receive some lovely presents, but for the error can perform some penalty Fanta.
If you have decided to spend the birthday in a cafe with a big noisy company, it makes sense to rent a separate hall. In this case, your fun will not be disturbed and your fun is also not cause censure from other customers of the cafe. If you are planning to celebrate a birthday a small friendly company, not configured for rough fun, it is possible to do the same table.
Discuss with staff the café, to the supply of food was divided into two stages. First let light snacks, then it is necessary to provide a short break in order to allow your guests to give you their gifts and say kind words. And after that you can apply to more serious fare.