Check the list of people who can qualify for a reduced pension. This list is laid out in the Federal law "About labour pensions in the Russian Federation". Mainly for benefits can expect: working in heavy or hazardous industries, having a large family, working in the North, firemen, employees of the healthcare industry, working with people deprived of their liberty, the people of creative professions employed in the educational institutions and many more.
Gather all the necessary documents to obtain preferential pensions. These include standard documents: passport, proof of income, employment history. In addition, you must obtain the preferential certificate at the place of work, which will indicate date of employment, position, professional number and job code. This document will prove entitled to preferential pensions. Also need to collect copies of the various orders associated with seniority. By changing the names will receive a statement in the registry office.
Send the documents to the Commission of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. In the course of a month will be added to the authentication data provided, verification of orders and wages pension contributions on your behalf, and the decision on the appointment of preferential pensions. In case of refusal you will receive a written notification indicating the reason. If it is the lack of the documents, then submit the missing reference to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation within three months.
Remember that the calculation of pension payments will be made from the date of submission of the application. In this regard, it is recommended to start collecting all necessary documents for a month before retirement. Also, when you apply for preferential retirement check that the employee Pension Fund of the Russian Federation has put the correct date of incoming correspondence.