The list can be prepared based on the data provided for the last reporting period. If the data formed in the document format xml, load the document into the program, and then make some changes: reporting year, reporting period a list of names and position staffing. Click "OK". You will see how the process of forming a new list. As soon as it is formed, you will be able to see it in a new window.
If you don't have the list of favorable professions for previous periods, create one from scratch. To start, fill in the required details about the organization: organization name, registration number, type of activity, type of organization, supervisor, chief of staff and other required fields. Once all data is entered, click "Save".
Then start filling other intuitive fields. The program is constructed in such a way that her master is not difficult. All you need is the documents that are mandatory are available in the personnel Department. For example, staffing schedules, complete the following: profession, name for OKPDTR, number, base benefits, position the list.
Then fill the list of names: social security number, name, date of retirement, the beginning and the end of the period of employment, position, profession and reason for benefits. If there is a need to amend the list of names, find you need the employee using the button "Find employee". Program "the List of preferential professions" is built so that you need only fill out the required fields that the program will compile independently.