The right to early exit to retirement is limited to a number of conditions. For starters, you need to ensure you enter into the group of persons to which the exemption applies. The first such possibility is provided for those who fulfilled a set time for a profession listed in article 27 of the Federal law from December 17, 2001 № 173-FZ "On labor pensions in the Russian Federation". The so-called "hot experience" known to the employee and discussed during the hiring process.
To go to retire early even if you have quite a common profession, but in this case, there are a number of prerequisites:
- you got laid off or your organization has been liquidated;
- you have two years before reaching retirement age, that is 53 for women and 58 for men;
- your total period of employment is at least 20 and 25 years for women and men respectively;
- you have registered in the state employment service where you are unable to find a suitable job within a month;
- the organization from which you were fired, layoff, should be your last place of work. For example, even if the employment service you do not found a permanent job, but you were busy on public works, the right to early pension is lost.
If all of the above conditions are met, then you have every right to write a letter to the head of the employment service at the place of residence on early pension.
Based on the application of the state employment service will issue you with two documents:
1. the proposal in writing to place him on retirement;
2. certificate of periods to be included in the General seniority, which is pensions.
These documents are for the state pension Agency at the place of residence where, in fact, issued pension.