The calculation of the soft experienceand legally secured in the Decree of the RF Government dated 11.07.2002 № 516 "On approval of rules for calculating the periods of the work granting the right to early purpose of a labour old-age pension according to articles 27 and 28 of the Federal law "About labour pensions in the Russian Federation". According to the Decision in the preferential experience includes periods of holidays (both primary and secondary), as well as periods of temporary disability of the citizen. Not counted in the preferential seniority administrative leave.
In order to determine if you are eligible to a preferential pension or not, open the Federal law "About labour pensions in the Russian Federation" and find the paragraph describing your activity, which will indicate how many calendar years you had to work in these conditions, to be able to retire early.
Please note that if you worked several jobs, giving the right to early retirement, these periods can be summed up. To do this spelled out in the Rules for calculating the periods of the work granting the right to preschedule appointment of labour pension the sequence of the list to determine whether the cumulative periods of your work.
Make sure that during work you didn't have periods when you worked the incomplete working day or incomplete working week – in this case, preferential seniority can be calculated only on archival statements, as it is believed he is not in calendar order, but for actual time worked.
When calculating your concessional experienceand, don't forget to also consider the time mezhdunarodnogo rest work in shifts, the duration of the test when applying for work and periods of training or retraining, as well as the fact that every year, the underground work is recognized for 1 year and 3 months, and every year work in particularly difficult conditions stipulated in a special List for 9 months.
In order to find out your preferential employment experience for sure, contact the Pension Fund at the place of your residence. Make sure to submit in the PF documents such as pension insurance certificate, passport, work book, reference organizations where you worked or archival reference, military ID, after which you will help to clarify and account for all periods of employment, including work in heavy and harmful conditions.