Additional payments to the pension received by the pensioner from the state, are called compensatory (HRH) or regional social surcharges (RSD). These payments do not depend on what species the pension of a citizen and from which organization it is paid.
Count on the HRH or the RNC can both pensioners and workers. Of them retired, are on disability, the first two groups, participants, veterans of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945. Also those pensioners, who are still in positions specified in the list of professions of the city government, in which the pensioner lives.
The right to receive additional payments have citizens who became disabled of the 3rd degree in the result of the execution of works on elimination of accident on the Chernobyl NPP.
The calculation of the amount of compensation or bonuses are determined individually for each retiree. Will take into account such factors as the total income of all payments to the pensioner-exempt, if he gets the monthly payment to the city of its region, whether the travel benefits, utilities, other benefits.
In order to find out what payments are based on the pensioner and how much he can expect, what the conditions are for the monthly payments required to seek advice from the social security authorities of the district in which the pensioner lives.
After consulting the retiree will be asked to write an application for the payment of additional cash or compensation. The application shall be attached the official documents of the citizen, confirming his status, including a pension certificate and other documents at the request of employees of social protection.