You will need
  • - employment history;
  • - the order (orders) about employment;
  • - a military ID.
Seniority years at work in some industries, for example, in positions of public or civil service has its advantages. They can be to the salary, additional days to annual leave, the right to more senior positions. To know if you are eligible for such benefits, you can contact the human resources Department where a qualified specialist will calculate your seniority (length of service years), but you can do it yourself, armed with the workbook or order on admission to work.
You need to determine whether it is your work time a period which according to the List of periods of public service entitles you to the above benefits. Such periods include the timing of work on the state posts of the Russian Federation and of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, Federal civil service and state civil service of constituent entities, positions of public prosecutors, the staff of the Investigative Committee, military positions, positions of the internal Affairs bodies, customs authorities, tax police, municipal and elected positions.
The length of service in years begins to run when working more than 1 year continuously or in total. Therefore, for its determination it is necessary to know the date of hiring. From this date begins to flow the length of service in years.
For example, if you assumed duties from 01.09.2001, then 01.09.2002 G. are entitled to benefits that you are entitled to under the law. This is a simple example in the case of continuous seniority. If he was interrupted or consists of several periods, each of which separately gives the right to long service years, all these periods just need to be folded into a single.
For example, working time: from 01.09.2001 till 31.01.2002 (5 months) in the same organization and from 20.02.2002 to 30.04.2005 G. (3 years 2 months. 11 days). Fold both periods and received 3, 7 months. 11 days. Total length of service years in this case is 3, since the count only takes into account a full year.