Yourself to set the TV tuner to receive digital television, known as DVB-C, not so difficult.

To access the configuration go to TV menu and select the item called "autotune". You will see a window to select the TV source with two alternatives: antenna and cable. Select the second option and click right button "start".
In the next window, select the source of TV broadcast, select "Digital" and again click "start". Finally, in the last window under "search Mode", select "Full" and complete the fields as follows:
- frequency – 354 MHz;

- modulation 256 QAM;

- transmission speed – 6900 SIM/sec.
If you want to search for HD quality channels, change the frequency of 338 MHz.
A will network search, so you don't have to manually enter all the parameters described above. Just hit the button "Search" after select search mode.
In some TVs, you must enter a value for the end frequency and scan type. When configuring digital TV select "Quick scan" and set the value of the final frequency is 418 MHz.
As you can see, setting up digital television takes only a few minutes and does not require any specialized knowledge and skills.

In addition, digital channels may be configured to a personal computer. This requires built-in or external TV tuner and a small antenna to receive signals. Settings, in most cases, installed automatic.