You will need
  • A TV broadcasting standard DVB-T/DVB-C, DTV connection.
To connect with free digital channels, find out beforehand whether your TV stream digital TV channels which broadcast standard – DVB-T or DVB-C – supports your TV and to what standard to transmit digital data. If OK, proceed to configuration. The easiest solution in connecting free of digital channels is their automatic setup. Look on the TV remote Menu key, click on it and on the TV screen will appear a list of topics. Click "settings" to open the functions list go to the "Automatic configuration".
After a certain time on the screen you should see the list of digital channels. If they are not found, then your standard broadcast channels does not match the standard TV or digital TV channels in your television network. If channels are found, but not opened, then they are encoded. In this case, buy from your provider TV access card and SAM card.
If you are sure that your provider provides a service of free channels, but the automatic setting does not detect them, use manual settings. To begin to find out required information to configure the free digital channels on the provider's site or in documentation that you have provided when connected to satellite television. Rewrite of the frequency, speed and modulation for each channel of interest.
Click on the TV remote press "Menu" and select "Settings" item to "preset Manual". In the resulting cells enter the recorded parameters for any of the channels and click on "Save". Start thus search for all the right digital channels, and as soon as they are found, save them in a single list.