Make sure that the TV antenna input cable is connected is a collective, not an indoor antenna. If you need to take on some of the channels missing from the cable network, with indoor antennas, connect them together via a splitter. In the absence of the TV combined input VHF-UHF or memory on many connect a VCR or DVD recorder with tuner. If you know that some of the channels in the cable network broadcasts in digital format and the TV to make them unable, connect the external digital tuner / decoder. The antenna output of the VCR recorder tuner or decoder connect to the antenna input of the TV, even if they are already connected to the subwoofer cables. Note that any of these devices passes the signal through itself just by being plugged in (with rare exceptions). All switch engage when fully de-energized equipment.
Take the TV remote and click on it press designed to enter the menu. Locate the item that matches the auto scanning. The location of this point depends on the model of the machine. If any difficulties, refer to the instructions.
During auto-tuning do not turn off the unit power. Wait until the procedure is completed. After that, if desired, to sort the channels manually. The means of implementation of this operation vary greatly from model to model, so in case of any difficulty, consult the instructions. If the TV has a digital tuner, auto search for analog and digital channels separately, swipe, switching the device in the appropriate mode.
Now select the TV from the AV inputs connected to a VCR, DVD recorder or tuner-decoder digital television. Include the appropriate device and housestyle his auto, and, if desired, and hand-sorting in the same way.
In large cities repeat the procedure every six months - with such frequency in a cable network usually changes the channel grid. The appearance at the entrance of the announcements entry in the cable network new channel guide auto-search early.