You will need
  • operating instructions TV, satellite receiver, knowledge of the frequencies of digital channels, multifeed.
In order to expand the capabilities of your TV, do not have to call a specialist. Configure additional channels depends on what kind of TV you have at home. If you are the owner of cable TV, then you can try to increase the number of signals by configuring the digital channels. The algorithm settings are determined by the model of the manufacturer of your TV preemie.
In this regard, the settings are carried out in accordance with the instruction manual of your TV. In the instruction manual of the TV receiver find the list of the received signals (in the section "technical data/features)".
Find the list of the received signals "Cable" and select as the source. In the settings select one of the countries of: Finland, Germany, Netherlands. If these countries do not exist in the options of your TV, then mark "other".
View the options of receiving digital channels and their placement on the frequencies. In accordance with the plan (see table) setup additional digital channels.
If you have connected the satellite TV, the algorithm configuration of the additional channels is somewhat different. If you have a satellite dish "Continent TV", set the multifeed in accordance with the instructions. After that, connect the additional Converter directly to the receiver and select the required satellite (e.g., ABS1).
Select LNB type "универсал1" (09750/10600) and select any work Transporter (lists of transporders for satellites ABS1 you will find on the Internet). During configuration control the quality and signal level until, until you achieve the desired result.
Configure additional channels on other types of satellite antennas normally has a similar algorithm of actions. Most importantly, strictly follow the instructions attached to the TV equipment.
If you have a regular TV antenna, to broadcast more channels it will be able only in the case when you are traveling with her around the apartment (as cable allows), suddenly catch the reception of other signals. Compared to cable and satellite TV capabilities of this antenna is minimal.