You will need
  • ice or frozen vegetables;
  • -the egg;
  • -heated salt;
  • -tincture of calendula and chamomile;
  • dental gel "Metrogyl Denta".
For starters carefully examine the affected area. If the blow was light, the surface of the lips will be consistent, and under it may occur swelling and hematoma. In this case, it must be applied to the lip of something cold. For these purposes, perfect ice from the freezer wrapped in a clean plastic bag or frozen vegetables, which also need to be applied only in clear packaging in order to avoid entering into a oral cavity infection.
In the future, apply cold for 5-10 minutes several times a day for two to three days. The cold will constrict blood vessels, thereby reducing swelling.
You can then treat the injured lip with warm eggs, wrapped in cloth or warm salt in the bag. Heat must be applied two to three times a day for as long as the lip would not accept the initial appearance. Warm compresses help increase blood circulation in the sick place that promotes the resorption of edema.
If at impact you have damaged the tissue of the lips, as soon as possible to apply to the injured place cold, that will help stop the bleeding and reduce swelling. After this it is necessary several times a day to rinse your mouth with infusion of calendula or chamomile (you can buy at the pharmacy are ready alcohol solutions and dilute them in the ratio: one teaspoon in a glass of water, but you can buy in the form of herbal and brewing instructions).
For early healing you can treat the damaged lip of a dental gel "Metrogyl Denta", which can be purchased at the pharmacy.
If you see that, despite your efforts, the lip continues to swell, pain is worse, there is suppuration or increased body temperature, it is necessary as soon as possible to go to the doctor.