You will need
  • - avocado;
  • cream, cheese;
  • - sintomitsinovoy ointment;
  • - lip balm or chapstick;
  • - honey, butter.
If the cause of dryness is the habit to lick my lips, try to get rid of it, otherwise no treatment will not help you.
Vitamin deficiency can also be the cause of peeling lips. With a shortage of vitamins will help multivitamin complexes and the consumption of large amounts of fish, nuts, various cereals and vegetables.
To soften the lips will help a special mask. Get it from avocados, mash the flesh with a fork to make a paste, and apply it for ten minutes on the lips. You can also make a mask of cream mixed with cottage cheese.
Don't forget before going out on the street, especially in winter, to lubricate the lips with balm or cream. In the summer it is necessary to use the tool for your lips with protection from the sun.
Improved nutrition of the lips leads to their natural moisture. To her lips came an additional influx of blood, do a light massage with a soft toothbrush once a week.
Do not abuse the counter lipstick, discard it at the time of treatment, as this lipstick can remove the natural lubrication on the lips. Much more useful for dry lips use bold lipstick. Being a long time in the air, don't forget to bring chapstick to lubricate the lips. The ladies, who do not like Shine, subject to such means, you should purchase at the drugstore lipstick water-based. As a rule, it leaves no greasy.
If the lips in addition to peeling a burning, blisters and inflammation, so we are talking about herpes. In this case, the chapstick won't help. Will have to seek the assistance of the dermatologist, and after the diagnosis, start medication treatment.
The rough skin of the lips and the appearance of "liberty" indicates the body's response to food allergens. Eliminate foods that cause mechanical or chemical irritation, and try to regularly lubricate lips with sintomitsinovoy ointment. It helps to remove the inflammation of the lips.
During the day, try to lubricate dry lips with honey or butter, they will be much softer.