To the swelling asleep faster, you must attach to it an ice pack or cold compress. It is recommended to do first before using other means.
A good remedy is the pain. A freshwater sponge, which is sold in pharmacies in powder or gel. The bandage of the pain should be kept for a long time. It should dry up on face to healing properties are manifested in full.
The most widely known is the following method is applied to edemafrom raw meat. This method should be used immediately after the injury, otherwise nothing will.
Also for getting rid of swelling to injury put a piece of butter.
Fresh cucumbers are a good help to remove edema from face. In addition, they are an excellent cosmetic remedy, so a benefit from such treatment.
You can try this remedy: a pill of aspirin crushed and mixed with iodine. The resulting ointment applied to the site of injury, renewing it as it dries.
To remove swelling, you need to make to the tumor lead lotion, which you can buy at any pharmacy. To be most effective it should be cool.
The old tried and tested method, which we treated our grandmothers applied to swelling cool copper coin.
If traditional medicine trust more than to people, you can ask the pharmacist Lioton-gel Dolobene gel or Troxevasin. These tools do a good job with the removal of a tumor from the face.