You will need
  • - number of your account at the supplier of certain housing and communal services;
  • the details of such service providers;
  • - money to pay bills;
  • - if you pay through the Internet addition: a Bank account with a balance sufficient to pay bills and connected to Internet banking.
Pay-receipts all clear: wait for its receipt, take the right amount of money and working hours go to the nearest branch of Sberbank. A Bank, accepting utility payments. Such a little, so it is better to clarify this issue in the specific interest of the credit institution.If the bill did not come, there are several options. For enough Bank account number, and the size of the current debt may impact the computer's officer.You can also call directly to the organization providing certain services, or agent to receive payments in their favor and to specify the amount of the debt. Need usually is on the receipt itself. Should know them also in the housing office.
For payment through the terminal just account number. Make sure that your chosen terminal receives such payments: it specifies the corresponding option touch menu on the screen. Select required option enter the account number, make sure it matches your data, proceed to payment and make the bill.Putting the terminal does not give. But some allow you to split the amount between multiple payments. In other cases, the extra money is credited to your account and taken into consideration when forming your receipts.
Payment via Internet banking is convenient because it can be done without leaving your computer, at any time and it will not have to stand in line.Log in to your Internet banking using your username and password. Move in the appropriate fields of the interface formation of the payment details provided on your receipt, fill in the fields for amount and purpose of payment.
Check whether the entered information and give the command to send. Save payment as a template, usually at the interface of the system such a possibility. Next time you only need to enter the payment amount and to actualize its purpose.Receipt when this payment method is not given, but you can take proof to the Bank.