Go to the website of the Federal Tax Service. To the right of the main window you will see the available interactive services and automatic services. Find the "Personal tax account" and click on the appropriate link.
In the opened window confirm that you consent to the transfer of personal data to the server on by pressing the "I agree". In the next window, enter the details of the taxpayer:
• INN);
• Surname and name (if desired and patronymic);
• Region registration.
Also enter the verification code – captcha. And press the "Find"button.
After a few seconds the system will produce a table on which you will be able to check if there are any debts on transport, land, property tax and income tax. the table consists of four columns:
• The name of the tax;
• On FNS;
• The amount of tax (fines);
• The date of the information.
It should be noted that information on payments is updated every day. So even if you have repaid the debt, the system will automatically show until the next database update.
If necessary, create payment documents for payment of debts. For this you need installed on your computer, Adobe Reader is connected and the printer will print the document to print.
If after entering personal data, you do not see the table listing the debts, the debt on the designated tax yours is not listed. However, just in case reinsurance and in a few days, check the information again.