You will need
  • computer;
  • phone;
  • passport
Learn about what tax you for the apartment, are available on the website In order to obtain the required information must be entered into the fields your personal information - surname, name and tax identification number (TIN). And you will find everything that relates to your tax. Here you can print out and receipt for payment. This service is useful to those who have not received a notification letter from the tax or lost it.
The amount of tax for the apartment inspection, as a rule, sent in advance (approximately one month before the expected payment). In the mailbox should be a notification letter with the number that you have to pay the state for what it has given you property.
You can calculate your tax for the apartment on the phone. To do this, simply call the tax office at the place of your residence and get all the necessary information. When you call, you must call the full personal details of the owner and mailing address you are interested in housing. Inspection specialists will advise you about how much you owe to the state.
You can learn about the amount of the tax just go to the district inspection division, which is located at the place of your registration. For this you will need proof of your identity (usually this role is played by the passport of the citizen of Russia). What is your address specialist tax service and get from him information concerning your tax and amount payable. Here you can also take a receipt for the payment.