You will need
  • - certificate or proof of lawful acquisition of components for commercial vehicles;
  • - a certificate of deregistration of the old cars (if self-made car was used its body or main part);
  • the stepwise pictures collection homemade auto;
  • technical description of a homemade car.
Gather the necessary documents required for registering a homemade car in the traffic police. To detail must be presented the document confirming the legality of the acquisition.
If homemade car served as the basis of the old car, you must show a certificate of withdrawal with its accounting. If the basis is not license plate Assembly, it will be quite a written statement about his purchase of a particular person, or about where you found it (dump, lake, etc.). On the number units purchased directly from the owner, you will need a contract of sale, which must be certified by a notary. The traffic police also asked to submit photos of the car, to identify it, as well as its gradual collection. Don't forget to attach a technical description of your home made car.
Head over to the certification authority. Your homemade transport will certify as the production of small series. Received from them the conclusion about the type of homemade vehicle, has expired. Requirements for homemade carm certification bodies, similar serial. If, during verification testing at the car any damage, they will be replaced by expert evaluation of the design.
Bring your self-made car for the mandatory test. But remember, its forbidden to bring their own. So you will need to enlist the help of a truck or trailer. If self-made car passes all the necessary tests, you will be issued with the test report.
Contact traffic police at the place of residence to obtain title to your home-made cars immediately after the completion of the examination and certification, also don't forget to put it on the record.