Remember that now the car can be arranged at the traffic police, avoiding loss of time in long queues. For this you need to pre-register, come to set time and complete the procedure in just a few hours. To enroll in the decoration of a car through the Internet on the website of the traffic police in your area or by phone. In addition to capturing, the procedure can be accelerated even more. There, on the website of the traffic police, print out the application for a vehicle registration and the forms of receipts for payment of state duty. Preliminary self-study to the design of the car is finished.
Choose the most convenient for you location MOTOTRER. It is highly recommended to look at the statistics application on the staging of vehicles on the account. This can be done all on the same website traffic. The information obtained will help to predict the presence of queues in MOTOTRER and the speed of its work, which can significantly save you time and effort.
Prepare in advance a passport, contract of sale, if the car is new or the certificate account if you are not the first owner of the car, the vehicle registration document and insurance policy. It is recommended to take a copy with title, contract of sale or the certificate account. A copy of the title you will be picked up upon receipt of the offer, and the contract or certificate may later be necessary for the tax inspection.
On the day entries must arrive at the traffic police. The machine it is desirable to put as close as possible to the site of the inspection of vehicles. This will save time when inspecting the car. Submit in the appropriate box pre-prepared documents. Proceed to the place of inspection of the car and give a statement on the site inspection. Wait for an inspector who will check the license plates on the car body and the engine of your car listed in the title. Further note on the inspection of the car, proceed in the same window and give all your existing documents, including pay stubs and transit numbers.
Wait until you're called on speakerphone and give the iron room, the registration certificate and the vehicle registration. Be sure to check the authenticity of the information specified in the certificate of registration, otherwise the procedure must be repeated.