If together with the car papers have been stolen or you have lost your passport, your identity, start restoring personal documents with him, because without a passport you will not be able to get any car documents.
To restore title (passport technical means) should contact the nearest office of the traffic police. To restore this document, you will need passport, insurance policy and registration certificate of the vehicle. If the latter is lost along with documents, you will be able to recover the title without him, getting a new one. Most likely, you will not need to drive a car for inspection at the site of traffic police. But it will have to show in that case, if your car is too old. Action by the traffic police when issuing a new title similar to those that exist for the production of vehicles on account or his deregistration.
When restoring the certificate of registration of technical means (SRT) you need a passport, the documents for the car that you have on hand (or without them), insurance policy, payment of the state duty. To drive a car to recover evidence in the traffic police is not required.
When the lost pass state inspection (TRP), you should go to the same point where you receive it. At the VET you are required to issue duplicate pass on the validity of the previous certificate. Also require additional payment of state duty for issue of duplicate verification of license units of the car. For obtaining of the coupon of GTO go with the passport, insurance policy and documents on the car.
In case of a lost insurance policy, you should visit again the point of issuing policies where you got it last time. Bring your car papers, passport. However, if the car documents are not restored, you will still be given a duplicate of the insurance, as all data on the car are in the database of the insurance company. A duplicate of the insurance policy is issued for a period which had lost the document.