Collect the desired list of documents. For registration in the traffic police on all the elements used in design shall be the documents confirming the legality of their acquisition. If the basis was elected to the old car – you need a certificate of deregistration of the car. Not number units will fit a written statement about their purchase from a neighbor or an unknown person, that you found them at the dump. On the number units purchased from the hands, should be at least a contract of sale, certified by a notary. Also, the traffic police will require photos of the car for identification, photos of a staged collection of components and assemblies, technical description of the vehicle.
Please contact the certification body. The entire list of organizations working on certification published on the website of Rostekhregulirovanie. To certify a vehicle will be produced as small series (1 pieces). Obtained the type approval of vehicles of validity has no. Requirements for a self-made machines are the same as for serial. In respect of a single vehicle test, causing them damage, are replaced by the expert evaluation of the design.
Bring a homemade car to the test. But keep in mind that their own home-made has no right to move. It will have to be transported in a truck or on a trailer. If the car will go all the tests, a test report is issued.
After passing the examination and receiving the approval of a type of contact traffic police at the place of residence, where self-made cars will be given a title and put on the account. Data of type approval shall be recorded in PTS.