Before you make a visit to the desired instance, make sure you have and prepare necessary copies of documents. First you will need two copies of the passport of the vehicle and a copy of vehicle insurance policy. Call the reference Department and consult exactly where you need to proceed to register a moped. Most vehicles are registered at the place of residence of the owner. Other information place of registration you will be able to find on the websites of the local administration. Deadlines go in the Department of traffic police, which must pass the check, and give the documents prepared. Perhaps there will not be enough, and the traffic police will tell you what papers are required for registration. Usually, all documents are accepted in a single window. When the papers are carefully checked, you will return them back. You will also receive an application form for registration and a receipt for payment of state duties that need to be paid in the nearest branch of Sberbank. When the "paper" part has been completed, will begin the technical. Take issue a moped and deliver it to the site the traffic police Department for inspection, which will be done by the inspector-the criminalist. If the specialist will not have complaints and comments, a completed application form for registration will deliver the desired printing. The Department return in the same window, the statement, paid receipt and all the documents, then you will be given new numbers moped and all documents that indicate its registration. If you do not want to undergo the procedure of registration of a moped, but still fear problems with the traffic police, then download and complete the contract of sale. Importantly, in the column "Transport sredstvo" enter "Moped". If you keep this contract and proof of identity, your right to own a moped is fully confirmed.