Already at the temperature of +25 degrees inside the cabin increases the number of errors of the driver. Concentration and visual acuity decreases with increasing temperature. Comes to the aid of air conditioning. However, the correct treatment of conditioning for optimum performance is crucial.

First airing, and then cooling

Even in the presence of air conditioning in the car should be parked in the shade. Before checking out you need doors and Windows for a while to open, thereby releasing the heated air from the car. After the start preferably to include air conditioning at full capacity. The first two minutes you can safely go with open Windows. Then You have to close Windows to cool the air conditioning had its impact.

Air conditioning dehumidifies the air in the car

Air conditioning is useful not only at high temperature. Also at steamy glasses it is applicable: it is necessary to direct the airflow to the windshield, vents to put on "convection" and choose the highest level of fan and heating. After a short time the recirculation mode needs to be switched off and switch the fan on average. Air conditioning will remove moisture from the air and the window again becomes transparent.

Weekly use air conditioning

So the air conditioner lasts as long as possible, you need to run at least once a week for 10 minutes. This requirement is true for any season. Thus, the refrigerant circulates and prevents the drying out of seals.