The use of fabric softener in the wash

  • Do not fill the fabric softener compartment in the washing machine, is suitable for powder – so linen will not be washed off. For air conditioning there is a special office.
  • It is useless to use fabric softener when washing fabric with water-repellent effect.
  • When using this tool for washing woolen products knit you risk to "output" something shapeless, not at all reminiscent of your favorite sweater.
  • Follow the dosage! Remember that too much "good" - too bad. So, towels, wash with plenty of conditioning, you lose the ability to absorb moisture well.

Use fabric softener for other purposes

This tool can assist the owner not only in the wash, but in other important economic matters.

  • Add a few drops of conditioner in the water for washing floors, and he gains a nice Shine, and the room filled with fresh odor.
  • If you add a couple of drops of softener in the water tank provided in the iron, the iron will become much easier: the iron will be better to glide over the surface of the fabric and the linen will acquire light pleasant scent.