From early spring, and often till late autumn vacationers spend all their free time in summer houses and on the plots. Not everyone decided to get my major heating, as living in the house for a few months and do not have the ability to invest a large sum of money. Heating electric heaters as impossible because of the limit of electricity consumption due to the lack of capacity. What do gardeners in cool spring and fall time?

What is the advantage of heating air conditioning

As a rule, walls of summer houses consist of light structures that is slightly insulated inside and finished with a decorative trim on the outside. Such walls are capable of keeping the temperature, but not to accumulate it. Alternative capital is heating air conditioning: by installing this device in different rooms, you can set different temperatures while saving energy. Together with the low cost of heating with air conditioning, this system has another advantage – the possibility of bringing the temperature to a comfortable.

Due to the fact that a large volume of air is passed through the heat exchanger, the indoor temperature quickly reached a comfortable size. Some air conditioners are equipped with a protection function against power surges, especially in a holiday village with an unstable power supply. In addition, air is able to automatically maintain the desired temperature. That is, the device need only be installed on the heating or cooling to set the desired temperature and forget about its existence.

How to install the device on a heated

To do this, take the remote control with air conditioning lg, switching the "MODE" button or "HEAT", to make the display show an icon in the form of the sun. Further actions are only setting the desired temperature. It is worth considering that the warm air blows immediately. In order for the heat function work in full force, it takes about 5 minutes.

The disadvantage of this method of heating is that the air conditioning is not desirable to turn on when the temperature outside is below 0°C. in Order to ensure the normal operation at negative temperatures, you need to take care of the heated condensate, because it is formed in the outdoor unit, the condensate flows in the diversion of drainage and freeze there, forming a tube. After that, the ice covered the entire outdoor unit from the inside. The result can be damage the fan, moreover, in such conditions it is not necessary to wait for the air conditioning efficient heating.