Freon is inert non-flammable gas used in air conditioners and refrigerators. The principle of operation is based on that of the evaporator, placed in the indoor unit, cooled vaporous refrigerant supplied through piping to the compressor. There is a freon pressure becomes liquefied and heated to outside temperature. Once in the condenser, the gas of high temperature and pressure becomes liquid. Passing through the TXV (thermostatic expansion valve), the liquid refrigerant enters as low pressure, where it easily evaporates. Once in the evaporator, located in the indoor unit, liquid refrigerant absorbs heat from the ambient air and passes into a gaseous state (evaporates), while highlighting the cold.
Regardless of whether air conditioning or idle, refrigerant leakage is up to 8% per year, in case of a wrong connection of pipeline joints even more. Power operation, it is possible to determine the amount of freon – if five minutes after the start of work indoor unit blows out air at room temperature, not cold, mean - leaked refrigerant. In this case, turn off the air conditioner and check the condition of the valves and pipes on the outside unit.
The valves you will see on the block at the lower right, more often two. Through the first liquid refrigerant fed to the evaporator of the indoor unit and through the second valve it is already in a gaseous state enters the compressor. If the valves are covered with a layer of frost – it means that the air conditioning system is not enough freon. Frost will appear when included faulty air conditioning, even in conditions of high outside temperatures. If you see on the surface of the valves, condensate in the form of small droplets is the norm.
Sometimes the appearance of frost on the valves indicates a strong contamination of internal or external unit. To differentiate the cause of the malfunction, use the special gauge to measure the pressure freon in the system or call the master.
If you have a pressure gauge, connect it to the outlet tube on one of the valves. This procedure need a / C off. Produce a measurement of pressure of the freon in the conditioning system. In the norm it should be from 4 to 9 ATM depending on the brand of freon. To know the brand of the refrigerant used in your air conditioner, you can the data plate attached by the manufacturer to the side of the outdoor unit.