Effective air conditioning ensures proper care. So be sure to check the condition of the filters. Every three months try to spend them cleaning. If the room is air conditioned and has a dust source, such as, carpet, a lot of books or soft toys, filters need to be cleaned more often. For a complete cleaning and inspection we recommend that you call masters once a year.

If you forgot about this recommendation and feel that running the air conditioning there was an odor, that means it has already spread bacteria, and cleaning filters is not enough. Here it is necessary to use special disinfectant solution.

To avoid the risk of colds, determine for the air conditioner the location where it will be possible to ensure uniform air circulation. Accordingly, the plan and arrangement of furniture. Importantly, the main flow of air from the device did not fall deliberately in the place where the person is a long time, i.e. bed, sofa, chair or stool.

But that's not the only problem. Definitely need to supervise the temperature that you set on a split system. Remember, to drastically cool the air, as sudden changes in temperature negatively affect human health. Ideal — the temperature is 5-6 degrees lower than that established on the street. If for you it is cool enough, you can work out another scheme. The maximum to cool the room, while no one is in it, and then issue the recommended temperature.

Proven that air conditioners very dry air. So one of the recommendations for the additional moisture of the atmosphere in the room. For example, a good addition to the split-system will become a household humidifier. Works particularly well the combination of these two appliances at night when you want to breathe cool air at a comfortable temperature.