Should not be too cold. More than 8 degrees difference from ambient temperature exposes the body to unnecessary stress. The most optimal way is to set the temperature two or three degrees below the ambient temperature. To avoid drafts, do not need to direct airflow to the body part and in direction of the ceiling.

Only when the air conditioner is fully functional, it provides a suitable temperature in the car. Improperly maintained air conditioning can quickly circulate stale air, and in the worst case spread of germs in the car. In any case, no need to wait until an unpleasant smell. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend to carry out preventive maintenance and maintenance of air conditioning twice a year.

Air conditioning can also be useful in the cold season. It can be used to remove excessive humidity and misted glass becomes transparent. Regular use of conditioning has a positive effect on its service life. Thus it is possible to avoid loss of refrigerant and to avoid costly repairs. The air conditioning a few times a month for a couple of minutes lubricates the compressor, connecting pipes and seals of the system.